The Biggest Bubble of All

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s late Friday afternoon, from the airport I have written more articles from than all the others combined (aside from Denver) – McCarran, in Las Vegas. It’s been a very long week – including an extremely successful Q&A Rap Session in Phoenix, in which 150 people attended; an excellent meeting with a rare group of truth-seeking individuals here in Vegas; and oh yeah, the Fed validating all I have ever said, with a statement so dovish, even I was taken aback.

Yes, the Cartel did everything in its power to suppress PM prices before, during and after Whirlybird Janet’s statement; let alone, the ECB’s “hyperinflation launch” a week ago; and the BOJ insisting it will “one-up” Mario Draghi if necessary. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the dollar-priced gold and silver “bear markets” are OVER, joining the 180 or so currencies in which Precious Metal bull markets have been raging for the past two years.

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