Still Report #749 – Cruz Insider Talks – Part 1

from Bill Still

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With Heidi Cruz missing in action, a significant Cruz insider – let’s call him John Doe – started cleansing his spirit of what apparently is a more evil Cruz campaign than most of us imagined.
At the outset, we are convinced that John Doe is legit. We have seen his employment letter on Cruz campaign stationary. He makes north of $3500 per week.
When this is all over, it is John Doe the nation has to thank for being brave enough to come forward. Right now, the only thing that concerns him is that he doesn’t want to get a reputation for being a whistleblower.
He stresses that he has been in this business for over 20 years and this is the first campaign that was so dirty that he just has to spill the beans on them.
John has been tweeting under the handle Stop Ted Cruz for several weeks now. He tweeted to Ann Coulter on Feb. 11:
[ Insert Tweet 1, Feb 11]
“I used to work for Ted Cruz and now look at my Twitter handle the guy is a huge liar.”
Then John Doe offers proof of his employment as communications director:
[Insert tweet 2b, Feb. 12]
“…follow for DM of proof that I worked on campaign as comm director.
But let’s now jump up to March 10. John claims that the night of the Iowa caucus, the operation against Ben Carson was not accidental and not put together on the fly. It had been thoroughly planned out starting two weeks before. It was:
[insert tweet 3, March 10 ]
“…a plan that was hatched on January 15th for the record.”
Trump supporter Melanie Lauren tweeted back:
[insert tweet 4, March 10]
“What, the robocalls were planned on Jan. 15th?”
John Doe responded:
[insert tweet 5, March 10]
“…the plan for caucus night was made 2 weeks prior.”
Then my wife tweeted out:
[insert tweet 6]
“…i believe it is was too well coordinated to have been on the spot”
Next Melanie Lauren asked:
[insert 7]
“What was he like in person, day to day?”
John Doe responded:
[insert tweet 8 Feb. 12]
“…he just panders to whoever he is talking to after a while it wears thin and many staffers quit. Lookup Don Fairly (my friend)”
That was the last we heard from John Doe. No one knew if he was for real, or just some internet troll trying to plant confusion. Then suddenly, after nearly a 6 week absence, on March 26, John Doe reappeared.
[tweet 8b, March 26]
“Since a few people have asked the other campaigns I’ve worked on: GW Bush, Rick Scott, Rubio (senate), Nikki Haley, Santorum ’12, Tom Cotton”
[insert tweet 9, Mar. 28]
“The strategy by the Cruz Campaign is pretty obvious: trying to bring Trump down has failed so now let’s bring down his staff and family.”
Then, this disturbing tweet on March 28:
[insert tweet 10 – They are setting Trump…March 28.]
“They are setting Trump up for a red wedding style betrayal we need to be in Cleveland ready.”
The Red Wedding is apparently a reference to an episode in “Game of Thrones”.
The meaning is that they intend to take Trump down in some nefarious way at the convention in Cleveland.
John Doe then tweeted:
[insert tweet 11, March 29]

“The cruz camp wouldn’t expect defectors like me because the campaign is run similarly to Jones Town”
As he explained to us personally, even though Cruz is lying constantly and doing all sorts of dirty deeds, the staff is told that only he – Cruz – is a true conservative and since the ends are noble – namely Cruz becoming the President – then any means can be excused. The staff knows this is wrong, but they are afraid to question it.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.