Still Report #746 – Cruz Refuses to Give Loan Details to FEC

from Bill Still

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Ted Cruz has refused to comply with a Federal Election Commission demand to properly disclose $1.3 million dollars worth of loans from two big banks that allowed him to win his Senate seat in 2012.
Cruz claims the non-reporting of the source of the loans was an accidental oversight, but has decided to stonewall the FEC and here’s why. He would rather face the wrath of the American media – that’s me – than have to admit to the probable illegality of the under-the-table deals that took place.
So Cruz has basically told the FEC: “take me to court” because he knows that will delay the release of whatever the damaging information is about the loans for over a year until well after the 2016 Presidential Election.
So why is Cruz taking the chance of looking like Bill Clinton or Barrack Obama in being above the law? If the Cruz campaign had made a simple mistake, then they could just file an amended return and move on.
So the problem is probably that some sort of criminal activity is involved. For example, a candidate cannot take out an unsecured signature loan for their campaign.
Why? Because it smacks of outright bribery. What if the big banks never expected to get their loans repaid? What if they didn’t care?
What if all they wanted was to be sure that President Cruz – or, even Senator Cruz ,decides to support the Trans-Pacific Trade deal – or avoid auditing the Federal Reserve?
So this type of loan may be seriously illegal, but we’ll never know because Ted Cruz is stonewalling the issue well into 2017.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.