Still Report #745 – Why I Support Trump

from Bill Still

Someone wrote in this morning and asked me if I still supported Trump because such-and-such a person wrote in his blog that Trump had Mob connections in New York and therefore he was just part of the controlled opposition, and blah, blah, blah.
I didn’t buy into Trump at first, I have to admit. I was repulsed by his offensive brashness. No, my wife led me to him. At first, I thought she was nuts and threw this into the pile of things that she’s been wrong about during our time together.
This was all before he announced – while he was just floating trial balloons nearly a year ago.
But then it hit me –Trump is a wild card – that is, he has some mysterious combination of attributes that is the exact antidote needed.
For months now, I’ve still struggled to explain this to my friends and even children.
The first thing that I felt sure about was that only Trump had the independence and sincere intellectual curiosity to accept that in order for America to be free, our #1 priority had to be to regain control over the issuance of our money.
Here is the root of the money issue in just 183 words.
Right now, banks issue all our money – and for their benefit. Economic history has a term for this; it’s called “bank money”.
However, there is another way that’s known as “state money”, where the government takes this money power away from the banks and returns it to the people to whom it properly belongs.
This power is specifically granted to Congress, and Congress alone, in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution:
“The Congress shall have Power … To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof….”
As Thomas Jefferson put it in an 1813 letter to a friend:
“Bank-paper must be suppressed, and the circulating medium must be restored to the nation to whom it belongs.”4
Just one more point, then I’ll move along. History has shown that at times when a nation’s economy was more based on state money, the middle class thrives, freedom reigns, and the economy soars.
At times when there is more bank money – or as Jefferson called it – “Bank paper” – as we have almost exclusively today – the nation trends towards oligarchy and a weak middle class.
I realized that no other candidate other than a financially-independent Trump could possibly support returning to State money.
So, I rather suddenly jumped on the Trump Train to the bewilderment of my monetary reform friends.
One thing that firmed up my commitment along the way was that Oprah interview. You can see that he’s held a love-America attitude for all his life.
There are men raised up for every season. No matter what their background, all men – and I mean that in its general sense – all men can learn.
Trump is such a man.
We need a man who presents to the world as an unpredictable ass-kicker. Were you politically conscious when Ronald Reagan was inaugurated? If not, there was a joke which ran throughout America at the time:
What’s green and glows? Punchline: Iran when Reagan gets in. Result: Hostages were on that plane just hours before Reagan took office.
We need a strong horse – to put it in Arab parlance. That’s all they respect. No one but Trump has the independence to fill this role in today’s world.
He’s got one hell of a lot to clean up, but he realizes that this is his calling – this is his destiny. He knows he has the money to do the job, and his entire family is on board, despite knowing that it is dangerous, even with the best security.
If America is going to preserve a tiny bit of the freedom 1 million Americans have given their lives for on battlefields, then Trump is the only one who has the correct combination of assets.
He presents to the world as a rich, crazy American who has ignited the legendary Sleeping Giant within the American gnosis.
He doesn’t mind leading rather than waiting for a consensus to build. These – and only these attributes can preserve this great experiment in freedom – freedom for the little guy.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.