Still Report #738 – Obama Brings in 700 Somalis a Mont

from Bill Still

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Sometimes I wonder if we will ever learn. The Obama administration continues to bring in an ever-increasing flow of undocumented Muslims from around the world – secretly stashing them in small to medium-sized towns around the nation and not even letting governors how many are being brought in and where they are going.
How can they do this secretly? Under the cover of established relief organizations like Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities. These groups are typically paid $2,000 or more for every refugee they help settle, plus huge grants to provide specialized services to refugees.
So a bus-load of let’s say 150 refugees off an unmarked plane in the middle of the night flown into a small regional airport in middle America is worth a cool $300,000 cash to these organizations.
Among the scariest groups, however, are the 700 Somali Muslims then are flown into the U.S. per month with nothing but the shirts on their back – and that means no documentation, either.
But it is important to understand where are they coming from – one of the most dangerous places on earth – for Americans – from United Nations comps in Kenya – camps that the President of Kenya has threatened to shut down because they are such breeding grounds for terrorists suspected of attacks in his country.
For example, in Sept. 2013 the Islamist terror group Al-Shabab the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi that left more than 175 people dead. Last April, gunmen stormed the Garissa University College near the Somali border, killing 147 students.
Hundreds of thousands of Somalis have fled across the border into Kenya to escape Islamic terror. The largest and oldest refugee camp, Dadabb, is home to more than 350,000 Somalis.
It’s the same no matter what country you try to save escaping refugees from – once terror organizations see a way to get a free pass into their main and supreme target, the US, they will move heaven and earth to get in that line.
But are they really a danger once they get to this country?
In just the latest revolting development in Minneapolis, the area that is home to America’s largest Somali refugee community, the Islamic State’s Cyber Army recently used an online cellphone app to post a “kill list” of names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information on 36 police officers.
So you can say it all day until you are blue in the face, that migrants are not all terrorists, but that really doesn’t matter. Enough of them are – or become terrorists – that eventually, at this point, in the near future, we will lose Minneapolis – through demographics if nothing else.
Muslims came out in massive numbers in Minnesota last month to vote en masse for Marco Rubio – the candidate they saw as the most generous to immigrants. The result was that despite Rubio trailing badly in the polls going in, he won with 36% of the vote – the only state he won.
This is not an easy problem, however. It requires the wisdom of Solomon.
As one Somali refugee said to Samira Shackle, a freelance journalist visiting the refugee camp in Kenya last year:
“We Somalis are the most victimised people in this world. Al-Shabab, they kill us, back home and here. At the same time, we are being accused of being Al-Shabab. We want to stay here, but it’s tough. Kenya was Plan A, but I think we need to find Plan B, because we cannot live like this. We cannot survive.”
What’s the solution? Obviously, U.S. policy has to change. For the last 7 years, it has taken a decidedly pro-Islamic radical approach. This must change this year and in a dramatic way.
But instead of focusing all our efforts on the manifestations of terror, we have to go deeper – we have to go after the funders of terror, first and foremost. Then, and only then, after we starve them of money, are we justified to risk our lives and treasure putting out the dying embers of the real source of racism and hatred currently driving world events.
Then – and only then – will the real refugees go back home and build stable civilizations of their own and take the load off the existing civilizations of this world.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.