Still Report #734 – Did Cruz Pay Hush Money to Fiorina?

from Bill Still

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In what is rapidly turning into the biggest sex scandal since Bill & Hillary Clinton, the Federal Election Commission is now said to be looking into what may be a potential hush money payoff from Cruz to – get this Carly Fiorina.
The rapidly unfolding Cruz sex scandal which was broken by the National Enquirer a few days ago, involves at least 5 women who were the mistresses of the fake Christian, Lying Ted Cruz. The Enquirer does not name names, but over the last few days several have come out, and two of them have now been confirmed by reporters at the Washington Times.
Interestingly, one of them is Amanda Carpenter, the person who recently concocted the despicable “AnyonebutTrump” enemies list.
But this morning, the story has taken two additional jumps.
#1 the FEC has sent a letter to one of Ted Cruz’s Super PACs, Keep the Promise 1, asking why they donated half a million dollars to a rival presidential candidate – Carly Fiorina.
Now we know the reason for this oddest donation in American political history – it may have been hush money paid by Cruz supporters to the Fiorina campaign which may have kept it from going under – to keep the Cruz sex scandal quiet because … wait for it … one of Cruz’s mistresses appears to have been Sarah Isgur Flores – Fiorina’s campaign manager.
This could end up in criminal prosecutions of an ever-widening circle of Washington political insiders, including Fiorina, herself.
Jump #2 – As it turns out Breitbart News has known about this story since at least Feb. 2, but sat on it. In early February Breitbart reporter Allum Bokhari hinted at a huge Ted Cruz sex scandal story. Here are three tweets of Bokhari’s:
“Feb. 2, 2016: Some people think #MicrosoftRubioFraud is the big scandal from last night. Wait until you hear the bombshell about Ted Cruz.”
Then two days later:
“Been told it’s a few more days before we can drop the new Cruz goss. (gossip?) Nothing I can do ?”
Then today at 2 am, Bokhari again tweeted:
“I hate getting scooped”.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.