Still Report #732 – Lindsey Graham Better to Elect Hillary

from Bill Still

Does South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham think it would be better to elect Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump!
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The other points Graham made on “Face the Nation” on Sunday really highlight most of the criticisms the Anti-Trumpsters are going with as talking points now, so let’s look at them and maybe provide some effective counterpoints that all of us can use:
Since his departure from the Republican presidential race, Graham, who got zero convention delegates, is now supporting Lying Ted Cruz despite this:
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And just how would you define “conservatism as we know it, Sen. Graham? Because your brand of conservatism merely lines up 10-deep in front of the lobbyists who pay the most money for your votes.
If you were a true conservative, you’d be primarily interested in who the American people are flocking to, not in destroying that person because he called you out as a phony in nationwide debates. You are a phony. You are one of the two most leftist Republicans in the Senate. Period! You’ll literally vote for whoever pays you the most.
[insert: Ronald Reagan had a …]
Yikes, may your tongue burn with fire to compare your fake belief system to a President who did care about the welfare of the American people.
[Donald has a 4-legged stool…]
– Economic populism – translation: passing laws that benefit the average American – check. At least you got one right. Ya know, Lindsey, populism is not a negative term. You’re trying to make it sound like it’s somewhere between fascism and Marxism. When really, it is just the basis of the Constitution. The concept is even enshrined in the first few words of our Constitution; “We, the people of the United States…”
We’re supposed to be in charge. You are supposed to fear it when we get angry about the direction of our government – about your direction – about how you vote. But anyone can see from your smug attitude that you don’t give a darn about what we think. As long as that money keeps coming in, you figure you can buy enough consultants and TV ads so you can get re-elected in 2020 – yup – 4 wore years of this deception of yours.
-Xenophobia – definition from Google: “intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.” Patently false. Donald – like the rest of us – now have the Internet to see this invasion sweeping across Europe. We can see the immediate negative effects – massive increases in rapes – a veritable tenet of Islam’s treatment of non-Islamic women. We can also see the longer-term negative consequences down the road – like the mandatory introduction of Sharia Law replacing the Western rule of law concepts.
Sen. Graham, you really should learn what the Internet is and how to use it. This channel would be a great place for you to start.
Trump does not fear any race; he fears people coming to this country to either try to kill it – as they have sworn to do publicly – or people whose arrival is illegal and will suck up our resources through increased welfare support, and drive down middle class wages of legal Americans.
Trump doesn’t oppose anyone who wants to come here legally and contribute to society.
– Race baiting means deliberately trying to make people of other races mad. Absolutely not! I go back to his motives I just mentioned.
– religious bigotry? Preposterous. Trump fully acknowledges this is a secular society and welcomes folks other than Christians – as long as they want to contribute – not destroy our government and our culture.
These false accusations aren’t working, but they do reveal who you are and to what depth you are willing to sink just out of pure spite and malice.
[insert, 35-40%]
I just love getting you on the record for this low a ceiling. Trump got 47% in Arizona in a 3-way race. He has huge leads in the 2 remaining biggest states, New York and California. In New York, he lead 64% to 12 – a 52-point spread – a never-before-seen margin for a Republican candidate.
In California, since Rubio dropped out, Trump has spiked and now holds a commanding 14-point lead over Cruz, 38 to 24.
Beware of those ceilings, Lindsey. I will be reminding you of this prediction.
[insert, “illegal immigration]
He has not! This is beyond a wild exaggeration. This is just a flat out lie. Trump said that when Obama opened the southern border, Mexico took advantage and emptied their prisons of their worst criminals – the most expensive ones to keep locked up – the rapists and murderers. He never said all Mexicans were rapists and murderers.