Still Report #731 – More Utah Voter Fraud

from Bill Still

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It appears that voter fraud, though not universal, was present in Utah’s Caucus.
According to an InfoWars story, the Ted Cruz campaign sent out an email the day before the Utah caucus showing supporters how to violate the law by submitting absentee ballots 3 days after the deadline – in fact, on election day.
[insert email]
The email says: [read off email]
Are you going to miss the Republican Caucus tomorrow?
You can still make your voice heard and vote absentee for Ted. Here is all you need to do:…..
However, this is clearly illegal. Here is the law from the website:
“All completed absentee ballot application forms should be filed with the appropriate election officer [County Clerk’s Office] no later than the Thursday before election day.”
As one former official with the Utah Republican Party told InfoWars, experienced election officials will simply throw these out if presented on election day, but:
“The more likely scenario is, in the chaos, volunteers will just take the ballot and submit it with the rest of the ballots.”
The official warned that this is clear election fraud.
M. Thatcher, the man identified in last night’s story on voter fraud, Still Report #729 – Utah Vote Rigging – got back to me today and said he backs everything in that story. One aspect of his story I didn’t include was what he had to say about absentee ballots. Here it is:
[insert & read]
So M. Thatcher actually saw envelopes full of falsely submitted absentee ballots come into his precinct’s caucus room, and they were apparently counted, that is clear cut evidence of election fraud.
In my last story, written about 6 hours after the first one, SR 730 – Letters From Utah – the person who I quoted extensively – spoke of outlawing paper ballots.
“We should all push for in-person paper ballots. I go as far as to be against absentee ballots even.”
I have emailed this person for an additional comment, but as of this hour no response.
If anyone else has any eyewitness voter fraud items, please send them along to my email:
I’ll be submitting these with Roger Stone’s group.
Depite Ted Cruz polling no higher than 42% in the last Deseret/KSL poll, published on March 15th, he ended up with a staggering 70% of the caucus vote.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.