Still Report #726 – Cruz Links Trump to Brussels Attack

from Bill Still

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the politics.
Ted Cruz will say anything, do anything to get attention, even imply that there is some sort of link between this morning’s terror attack in Brussels, Belgium and Donald Trump.
I got a very interesting email this morning from a British politician named Kevin Carroll. He is a member of the UKIP party and sits on the Sandbach Town Council.
“Just seen Cruz interview on Fox that USA should ‘halt’ the intake of Syrian-Muslim refugees!
“Wow Cruz is such a fake. He is an actor just like David Cameron. In 2009, David Cameron ‘promised’ the UK an EU referendum. When he became PM and went back on his promise.”
“With the rise of UKIP leading up to the last General Election, Cameron knew that his Conservative Party would loose votes due to his approval of the EU’s open-door immigration policy.”
“The result? The rise of UKIP basically forced his hand and he offered the UK a referendum once again in order to secure office.”
“He basically did what Cruz is doing now. He is in a panic and will look to see how/where Trump is picking up votes and then just adopt the same policy in an attempt to pick up votes in any way he can. He’s a Snake!”
“EU FACT – Did you know that the UK pays over £55 million per day for EU membership? AND the EU has not had their accounts signed off by an auditor in over 20 years due to ‘financial irregularities’?”
Here is the link to back this up:


I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.