Still Report #724 – “UN Not a Friend of Freedom” Trump

from Bill Still

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Perhaps Donald Trump’s most memorable line in yesterday’s speech at the AIPAC conference was in regards to the United Nations:
Do you realize how revolutionary a statement this is? No other American President has ever said anything close to this!
This is a concept that America and the rest of the world has desperately needed to hear.
This anti-nationalism concept has gone untouched since the U.N.’s founding. And with the coming collapse of the European Union, it is high time to re-evaluate this failed notion of world governance.
Trump will now finally open a national dialogue as to whether we need the governance function of the United Nations.

My take is that although there are a few useful functions of the UN that should remain, most of it can be thrown out, but the world governance function is especially dangerous. That only favors consolidation of power – totalitarianism -in all its various flavors – socialism, communism, and now the worst of all – Islamic jihadism. As Trump put it:

But then Trump’s next line about President Obama got a huge response from the crowd.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.