Still Report #714 – Trump – 64%

from Bill Still

Break out those ceiling jacks again because you need to raise Trump’s ceiling another 10 points – uhhh, better make that 15 points.
The latest polling of New York voters taken the day Marco Rubio dropped out of the race showed Trump now at 64%, Cruz 12%, Rubio 4% and Kasich at 1%.
Although mainstream Democrats continue to tout polls which show Clinton still beating Trump, yesterday they branded Trump’s rise as a “5-alarm fire.”
Also yesterday, Congressional Republicans huddled to figure out some new strategy for blocking a Trump nomination.
Why this strange coalition? Just one reason – both sides of the Washington establishment fears their buy-a-vote system is about to end. What! No More Bribery!
Centrist Republicans are left shaking their heads in disbelief because for decades the Republican party has asked how they can attract new voters.
Trump has figured a way to do it, but apparently at the cost of downsizing the bribery income of Republican insiders.
However, after wasting millions trying to stop Trump, the loose-knit stop-Trump coalition seems to be fracturing. According to Katie Packer, a Republican strategist who founded the “Our Principles” PAC to block Trump:
“We’re having conversations with donors, gauging the interest in moving ahead,” Packer told NBC News.
However, another group of so-called conservatives led by Erick Erickson, editor of Red State met yesterday and decided to continue to pump fresh money into the Stop-Trump movement.
Also The Club for Growth – who Trump has publicly humiliated by revealing that they asked him for a million dollar donation and only after he refused, started opposing him – has decided to make a $200,000 ad buy in Utah. The Utah primary will be held on Tuesday.
Another state holding its primary on Tuesday is Arizona. Trump leads Cruz in the latest polling 31 to 19%. But determined anti-Trump activists put a happy face on this news by claiming that Cruz is “within striking distance”.
Trump has scheduled a rally in Phoenix, Arizona at 10 am tomorrow – Saturday – at Fountain Park, where a world famous fountain built in 1970 can attain a height of 560 feet.
A huge crowd is expected for this outdoor event – perhaps shattering even Trump’s spectacular record crowds.

Although Arizona is an open-carry gun state, the Secret Service will not allow any sort of weapons anywhere near the event.
Phoenix is the home of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who recently endorsed Trump.
For years, Phoenix has been the epicenter of the illegal immigrant issue and many are concerned about violence at this Trump rally.
However, since their experience in Chicago, Trump rally organizers have become more adept at reducing the chances of another violent protest.
At the Youngstown, Ohio event, on Monday, many supporters were bussed in from a remote lot, minimizing their chances of contact with protestors.
Also, the event location was kept secret until the last minute. The result was that Youngstown was the first time in weeks that Trump’s speech wasn’t disrupted.
However, as of 6 am this morning, we had no trouble finding the exact location of the Phoenix event at Fountain Park.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.