Still Report #711 – Defeat in Germany for Merkel

from Bill Still

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered a “massive blow” last Sunday when her party lost 2 of the 3 German states having elections for their state parliaments.
The vote – termed “Super Sunday” – was seen as a referendum on Merkel’s controversial “open door” refugee policy that has welcomed over a million migrants last year – nearly 2% of their population.
Merkel’s public support has dropped to 46% – the lowest in 4 years – where just a year ago, her popularity hit an all-time high of 75%.
Many now believe that continuing social problems resulting from the ongoing invasion will oust her from power when the federal parliamentary elections come up in 18 months.
Inexplicably, Merkel is standing her ground and says her party will not budge on its refugee policy. According to Merkel:
“I’m fully convinced that we need a European solution and that this solution needs time.”
That was in stark contrast to Frauke Petry, leader of the AfD party which was the big winner last Sunday:
“It was a good day for democracy.
“We have to reassess what is doable … now that we have realised that the fairytale of skilled migrants from civil war areas obviously isn’t true.”
Petry has previously come under fire for saying that illegal immigrants should be stopped at the German border at gunpoint – a policy now supported by one-quarter of all Germans.
“Border police should be able if need be to have recourse to their firearms — as laid down by law.”
“No policeman wants to fire on a refugee and I don’t want that either. But as a last resort there should be recourse to firearms.”
Sunday’s vote came just weeks after a second string of sex attacks marred Carnival festivities in Cologne, Germany, where on New Years eve, over 500 women were molested and raped by huge gangs of Muslim men.
Despite an unprecedented 2500 police officers deployed to try to prevent sex attacks during Carnival, they more than doubled.
A leaked report says that German police are bracing for a huge rise in drug and sex-related crimes this summer as Islamists in Muslim communities are imposing Sharia Law and no-go zones in several cities.
Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that even German companies – the ones who initially supported Merkel’s Open Door policy – are now raising the alarm as the migrants have neither qualifications nor interest in working when the German welfare system provides for them so generously.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.