SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts – On the Slippery Slopes of Pigmanistan

from Jesse’s Café Américain

We have become so frivolous, so easily distracted, and so wantonly shallow that we are all becoming Tom and Daisy now. We get by, like addicts, on partisan fear and hatred. It is unfortunate but most have nothing to fall back on after the bread and circuses have run their course— no money, no love of anything but themselves, and no firm moral beliefs and principles. Nothing but the abyss.

So far this dip we saw today in the wondrously mispriced risks of the US markets is just a pause, merely another day in the dismal lands of Pigmanistan. Let’s see if they can keep pumping this pig up to one of the more difficult levels of overhead support.

And a pig of a market this is. The ‘smart money’ has been selling the rallies for the last couple of weeks. I wonder if they will be able to hang on until the end of the first quarter.

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