Social Justice Warriors Always Lie | Vox Day and Stefan Molyneux

from Stefan Molyneux


“Social Justice Warriors have plagued mankind for more than 150 years, but only in the last 30 years has their ideology become dominant in the West. Having invaded one institution of the cultural high ground after another, from corporations and churches to video games and government, there is nowhere that remains entirely free of their intolerant thought and speech policing.” – Vox Day, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

Stefan Molyneux and Vox Day discuss the Michelle Fields/Corey Lewandowski/Breitbart situation, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, GamerGate, common trends among social justice warriors and much much more!

SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

Cuckservative: How “Conservatives” Betrayed America

Three-time Hugo Award nominee Vox Day writes epic fantasy as well as non-fiction about religion, philosophy, and economics. He is a professional game designer who speaks four languages and a three-time Billboard Top 40 Club Play recording artist.

Vox Day maintains a pair of popular blogs, Vox Popoli and Alpha Game, which between them average over 2.2 million pageviews per month.

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