Safe Haven Buying

by Kipin Alexander
Daily Pfennig

Good day. And welcome to Tuesday morning. It just so happens that its Chuck’s birthday today as well, so here’s to wishing you the best on your special day. Yesterday’s quiet start remained largely intact throughout the remainder of the day as there just wasn’t much to push things in either direction. I’ll tough on the markets in a bit, but first let’s see what Frank has in store for us today.

“A little south of here are the ruins of an old civilization. Monday Carol drove down – first covering the distance we took 7 hours to complete on horseback in about 30 minutes – then into the neighboring province of Tucuman. The site of these ruins, occupied by the Quilmes people, was the largest settlement in pre-Columbian times. The band successfully resisted the Inca remaining nominally independent. For about 130 years they were also able to escape the Spanish scorched-earth approach to conquest.

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