The Rising Momentum of Reality

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

First, the un-reality; and as usual, there’s plenty to go around. Starting with a question I pose to you, the audience; as well as everyone on the planet – including those that listen to what “the powers that be” tell them, and believe what they say, no matter how incredulous. Which is, how can the Belgian Stock Exchange have risen yesterday, following one of the worst – and occurring at the international airport, symbolic – terrorist events in European history?

Yes, my friends; whilst gold, the most time-honored safe haven asset man has known was being capped via a prototypical “Cartel Herald” algorithm at the time immemorial “2:15 AM” key attack time (which as I discussed yesterday, seems to “miraculously” occur following all such events); Belgian investors, amidst chaotic conditions reminiscent of 9/11, enjoyed stock gains, thanks to a late day “hail mary” rally; as usual, catalyzed by the U.S. PPT’s equally prototypical “dead ringer” algorithm of the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average.”

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