Political Rape

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

Political rape is a reasonable term to describe what the political class is doing to the country. Think of what the oligarchs are doing as the Mafia operating without the threat of punishment, being free to plunder at will. In a way the comparison slanders the Mafia. They at least provide value for most of their services.

Tom Lester, a sometimes contributor to this site, sent this letter that expresses the thoughts of many. The only good thing about our current situation is that more and more people recognize government for the predator that it is. While that is good, is it too late to correct? Must we submit to the political rape? The author of this letter thinks not it seems, although he offers only term limits as a possible solution. While I disagree regarding the efficacy of term limits, does anyone expect the criminals to restrict themselves even to this ineffective level?

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