NIRP Has “Spectacularly Back-Fired”: One Trader Outlines Japan’s Grim Prospects

from Zero Hedge

It’s all starting to fall apart for Japan, whose “lost decade” now appears as though it may turn into a “lost forever” and that’s if QQE doesn’t dead end in “failed state” status in 2018.

A rebound in inflation is nowhere in sight (even when Japan attempts to game the numbers by removing components where prices are declining) and as we saw last month, the “devalue our way to prosperity” idea isn’t working out so well as trade is collapsing in the face of the global currency wars. Wage growth is of course a complete joke as we’ve outlined on too many occasions to count.

The yen is sitting at its strongest levels since QE was expanded two Octobers ago and stocks are down by a fifth from last year’s highs.

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