Janet Yellen: Monetary Arsonist – Armed, Dangerous and Lost

by David Stockman
David Stockman’s Contra Corner

Simple Janet should have the decency to resign. The Fed’s craven decision last week to punt on interest rate normalization is not merely a reminder that she is clueless and gutless; we already knew that much.

Given the overwhelming facts on the ground—–4.9% unemployment, 2.3% core CPI and a 23.7X PE multiple on the S&P 500—-her decision to “pause” after 87 months of ZIRP actually proves she is a blindfolded monetary arsonist—-armed, dangerous and lost.

That’s right. In the midst of vastly inflated and combustible financial markets, the all-powerful Fed is being led by a Keynesian school marm stumbling around in an explosives vest.

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