The Great Inflationary Lie

How you’ve been lied to about inflation and the cost of living since 2000.

from My Budget 360

You’ve been lied to about inflation. That is the truth. The banking apparatus wants you to believe that there is little to no inflation so they can continue with their money expanding ways but all you need to do is look at your spending and income and you will realize that yes, life is getting much more expensive. Media pundits operate in an enclosed bubble of information and have a hard time imagining that half the country is living paycheck to paycheck. Exit polls continue to “shock” them when people state that they are angry about the economy. “But housing is up and so are stocks!” Sure, but homeownership is down and half the country doesn’t own stocks. There is serious inflation going on. All we need to do is look at 2000 as a starting point.

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