Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – ‘The Mother of All Short Squeezes’

from Jesse’s Café Américain

[…] I hear this from quite a few of the professional class, who formerly might have leaned for the more liberal side of the political equation in the recent past. They have become utterly disillusioned with the personal greed and duplicity of the political establishment.

Speaking of which I enjoyed this video interview with Thomas Frank about What Has Gone Wrong with the Democratic Party. I thought it was a brilliant dissection of what has happened with that party, and the liberal establishment in general. The GOP gets plenty of attention with its own problems, which are rather significant.

I normally do not follow party politics all that closely, but one would have to be fairly oblivious not to see the shifting of the bases under the established leadership of both parties in the US. And I believe that this has some analogues in Europe as well, and especially the UK and France.

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