Fraud Key Profit Center for Wall Street – Prof. William K. Black with Greg Hunter

William Black – US Has 25 Systemically Dangerous Institutions

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Former top bank regulator Professor William Black says there is no hiding the cesspool that is Wall Street. Dr. Black says, “People on Wall Street agree that the system is rigged. You get them into a bar, they will say the same thing. When Bernie Sanders says the business plan of Wall Street is fraud, that’s simply an accurate, objective fact. That is their key profit center . . . and it’s not just here. The United States has been in a competition with the United Kingdom (UK) for decades now on this race to the bottom with the City of London and Wall Street. The UK Parliamentary Inquiry, which is run by the Tories, found as a fact that . . . all of the retail profits of the largest banks in the United Kingdom came from the deliberate or ‘mis-selling’ of products to customers. . . . They deliberately ripped off entrepreneurs. They deliberately ripped off their customers, and the Tories found it represented all of their retail profits. . . . You are talking in the range of $80 billion.”

Why have a totally fraudulent financial system? Dr. Black, who is an expert in white-collar crime, says, “It’s hard to make money with competition. It’s really hard. People who have never been in business don’t understand how hard real competition is. Real competition makes it hard to prosper, but if you rig the system, it makes it easy. The reward for rigging is phenomenal. We are talking every year, hundreds of billions of dollars in bonus compensation. It’s far more than their straight salaries, and it is going to folks that it wouldn’t go to them if they didn’t rig the system. And, no one is prosecuted. They don’t even give back the fraud proceeds, even when they catch them red-handed.”

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