Energy Sector Defaults Could Go Like Dominos

Energy issuers may be headed for $40 billion in defaults this year, Fitch says

by Rachel Koning Beals
Market Watch

Energy-sector bond defaults — and for some producers, bankruptcy risks — are piling up and coal liabilities aren’t the only culprit. Oil-and-gas producers, suffering with low crude prices after a shale revolution made the U.S. a viable energy producer, are smothered under their own junk bonds.

Small- and medium-sized U.S.-based producers, especially those that expanded with the shale boom, are most vulnerable; any small blip in oil prices may not be high enough or fast enough to protect all producers. And just this week at least two more have warned about their near-term future. It’s a climate that’s driven some of this sector’s high-yield paper to trade at 30 cents on the dollar or less.

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