Eleven Contrarian Stock Picks for Investors Who Want to Go ‘Out on a Limb’

Credit Suisse analysts, unlike their peers, see particular value in the likes of Dunkin’ Brands, Kellogg and nine other companies

by Philip van Doorn
Market Watch

Are you tired of seeing the word “contrarian” in investment-advice columns? Good. You should be. Because if everyone is a contrarian, nobody is a contrarian.

But Credit Suisse’s use of the term for its “Out on a Limb” report published Thursday makes sense.

The investment bank’s analysts compiled 11 “contrarian ideas,” that is, stocks rated “outperform,” for which Credit Suisse’s price targets greatly differ from the consensus. They also offered a list of 12 contrarian “underperform”-rated stocks.

These two tables show just how far apart Credit Suisse is from the consensus among analysts polled by FactSet, for the outperform-rated stock picks.

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