Dow Jones vs Silver: Trading Volume Says it All

by Steve St. Angelo
SRSRocco Report

If we compare the Dow Jones Index to Silver, we can spot a troubling trend. Normally when a stock price or index increases, so does the trading volume. This was true for the Dow Jones Index from 2002-2009. If we look at the chart below, we can see a normal market… increasing stock value and subsequent trading activity:

As the Dow Jones Index increased from a low of 7,500 in 2002 to over 14,000 in 2007, its trading volume doubled. However, if we look at the next chart, we see a troubling sign. As the Dow Jones Index increased from 8,000 in early 2009 to over 18,000 in 2015, its trading volume is currently 2+ times lower:

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