The Dovish Fed and Wolff on iPhone Encryption

from Boom Bust

Aircraft maker, Boeing slashes 4,000 jobs in its bid to stay competitive. And the FTC slams Volkswagen with a lawsuit over deceptive diesel claims. Ameera David reports. Then, Max Wolff, Chief Economist at Manhattan Venture Partners, tells Ameera how despite Apple’s avoiding a big court battle with the US government, it has new challenges to grapple with.

After the break, RT Correspondent Manuel Rapalo tells Ameera about the demographic challenges facing many countries now and in the future. Then Edward sits down to talk about the effectiveness of monetary policy with James Galbraith, Chair in Government and Business Relations at the University of Texas-Austin. And in The Big Deal, Ameera and Edward discuss how monetary policy may be to blame for the US dollar’s worst month in six years.

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