Collision Course: Latest Delegate Count Shows Trump, Clinton Destined For Duel

from Zero Hedge

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders had as good a Tuesday as could have been expected.

Cruz won easily in Utah, and critically, he polled at 69%, well above the 50% threshold the Texas senator needed to take home all 40 of the state’s delegates. The outcome in Utah was never in question, it was just a matter of whether Kasich had enough carry-over momentum from his win in Ohio to keep Cruz under 50%. The answer, it turned out, was definitively “no”. In retrospect, it now seems that Trump’s move to question if Mitt Romney was a Mormon might have been a strategic misstep (even if it was exceedingly entertaining).

As for Bernie Sanders, the avowed socialist took Utah and Idaho – but it’s likely to be far too little, far too late.

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