Clueless Janet Launches “Final Currency War” Into Hyperspace

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

I wasn’t planning to write yesterday morning, before traveling to Phoenix for last nights – as it turns out, wildly successful – “Q&A Rap Session.” To that end, we will be announcing new meetings in Houston and Chicago later this week, atop the Ft Lauderdale session already booked for April 21st.

However, the onslaught of bearish PM “newsletter writer” articles in the past week – of how the Fed meeting would validate the “commercials’” extreme short position in gold and silver futures, I felt compelled to awaken at 3:00 a.m., on four hours of sleep, to write “the COT’s don’t matter, Part II.” Which, after the Fed figuratively “wet itself” with its pathetically childish – and decidedly credibility-destroying – policy statement, was validated in spades.

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