California Says To Hell With Economics, Will Hike Minimum Wage To $15/Hour

from Zero Hedge

Over the past 12 months, America has had front row seats for a real-life experiment with across-the-board wage hikes.

In January of last year, a grinning Doug McMillon appeared in a video message posted to Wal-Mart’s website to announce that the world’s biggest retailer was set to implement one of the “largest single-day, private-sector pay increases ever.”

Now first of all, McMillon and the rest of the executive suite probably should have reread the statement in quotes above and asked themselves whether that sounded like something that was likely to turn out well. Wal-Mart employs a whole lot of people, and giving everyone a raise is the kind of thing that can end up having unintended consequences – especially when your business runs on the thinnest of margins.

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