Buying Food and Medicines from China Can Kill You – Literally

by Mike ‘Mish’ Shedlock
Mish Talk

For the third time in recent years, China has attempted to cover up illnesses and deaths related to spoiled food and medicines.

The latest case involves spoiled vaccines. A 2010 case also involved vaccines. A 2008 case involved a massive coverup of spoiled infant dairy products that killed six with another 300,000 falling ill.

Please consider Beijing Scrambles to Contain [Another] Vaccine Scandal.

Chinese authorities are scrambling to control the fallout after revelations that $88m in expired or spoiled vaccines have been distributed across China in a trade that continued unchallenged for years.

Police in Shandong province cracked the ring that purchased and redistributed substandard vaccines 11 months ago but authorities only appealed to distributors to help trace potential victims this week, after Chinese media broke the story.

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