A Quiet Beginning

by Mike Meyer
Daily Pfennig

Good day. And welcome to Monday morning. As Chris mentioned on Friday, I have the reins today and tomorrow with my skinny version of the Pfennig, but don’t worry, Chuck will be back in the saddle on Wednesday morning. Friday turned out to be fairly quiet and this holiday shortened week looks to follow in the same footsteps. Its still tough to fathom Easter is staring us down at this point since it seems just like yesterday we were ringing in the New Year. With that said, let’s kick things off with Frank and get right into it.

“For starters let me say that the Paso Peruano was spectacularly fast and comfortable on the 24 mile ride. We started up the river, across some high sand dunes, through Finca Chimpa then made the turn for the long run down the Calchaqui Valley.

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