Shawn Wallace – Gold Miner Doing What He Loves Best

from Financial Survival Network

Shawn Wallace is President and CEO of Auryn Resources (TSXV: AUG and OTC: GGTCF). FSN partnered with a number of miners such as Auryn, who are in it for the long haul. Shawn has been down this road numerous times. In 2005, he and his partner founded Keegan Resources, a $1 stock that saw a 900% return over 5 years!

In 2014 during one of the worst gold bear markets of all time, they helped investors see over 5 times their money with their second company Cayden Resources. With a $0.67 share price in 2013, they sold the company for $3.79 per share a year later, in the depths of a one of the deepest resource sector depressions ever.

Now Shawn intends to make Auryn his greatest offering yet and a resurgent precious metals market, a shortage of good projects and an increasing appetite for acquisitions by the Majors could all be aligning for an amazing result!

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