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Teen Chased Through Park by Crazed German Police for ‘Violating Covid Rules’

by Dan Lyman
InfoWars Europe

A teenager was hunted down by out-of-control German police officers attempting to enforce ‘COVID rules’ in a park in Hamburg last week, according to reports.

Wild footage from a chase through Jenischpark in the suburb of Othmarschen shows a 17-year-old fleeing from cops careening across a field in a police wagon as more officers pursue on foot.

The patrol vehicle can be seen spinning wildly as it almost hits two running officers before striking an obstruction and nearly crashing into the teen ‘fugitive.’

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Gold & Silver Bull Catalysts, Liquidity Train, Ice-Age, Plus Quote of the Week

from King World News

Here is a look at gold and silver bull catalysts, liquidity train, ice-age, plus the quote of the week.

On A Roll

March 2 (King World News) – Holger Zschaepitz: Good morning from Germany where financial repression continues. Real yields (10y Bunds-inflation) plunged to -1.64% after inflation jumped to 1.3% in February from -1.0% in January. Real yields are now NEGATIVE for 58 consecutive months, another fresh historic record (see chart below).

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About That +6.8% GDP Forecast: Remember That GDP = Waste

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

Any economy stupid enough to rely on the insane distortions of GDP “growth” as its primary measure will richly deserve a Darwin Award when it inevitably collapses in a putrid heap of squandered resources and capital.

We’re told the gross domestic product (GDP) measures growth, but what it really measures is waste: capital, labor and resources that are squandered and then mislabeled “growth” for PR purposes. If we only manage what we measure, then we’re mismanaging our economy by promoting waste as the only metric we measure and incentivize.

Forecasts now predict a rousing 6.8% “growth” in 2021 GDP. In other words, the amount of resources and capital being squandered is going parabolic and we love it!

50 million autos and trucks stuck in traffic, burning millions of gallons of fuel while going nowhere? Growth! All that wasted fuel adds to GDP. Everyone who works from home detracts from “growth” since they didn’t waste fuel sitting in traffic jams. That’s bad! Wasting millions of gallons of gasoline is “growth”!

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What’s That Thing Called a ‘Constitution’?

by Karl Denninger

Amendment 5 — you know, that quaint document?

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

The CDC’s “eviction moratorium” is claimed to be for public use — to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

It is clearly a taking, by a government.

It’s unconstitutional unless the landlord, in each and every case, is fully compensated for what was taken.

Every Government agency, every employee of same and every lawmaker at all levels is charged with following the Constitution.

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Party Like It’s 1984

by James Howard Kunstler

Chalk up a fatal blow to The Patriarchy. That avatar of toxic masculinity, Mr. Potato Head, has been dumped into the same humid chamber of perdition where the ghosts of Nathan Bedford Forrest, Theodore Bilbo, and Phyllis Schlafly howl and squirm — liberating the billions of potatoes world-wide from the mental prison of binary sexuality. The move by Hasbro (bro? really??) may yet disappoint the legions in Wokesterdom as a-bridge-not-far-enough while they await the debut of Transitioning Potato Head, complete with play hormone syringe and play scalpel, so that the under-six crowd can begin to map out their own gender reassignments without the meddling of Adult 1 and Adult 2, formerly known as Mommy and Daddy.

Was it mere coincidence that the action in Toyland happened the same week that one Rachel Levine was grilled in hir Senate confirmation hearing for the post as Assistant Secretary for Health in the Department of Health and Human Services? The hearing tilted toward transphobia when Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) asked zie, a little too aggressively, if they were in favor of pubescent children opting for sexual reassignment in opposition to xyr parents. The nominee, who hirself transitioned from “male” to “female” in 2011, answered that transgender medical issues are “complex and nuanced.” True (perhaps). And probably more than a Senator who transitioned from ophthalmologist to politician might appreciate.

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War Zone Washington?

More than 5,000 members of the National Guard descended on Washington, D.C., following the January 6 riot.

by Christian Britschgi

Following the January 6 riot in which five people died, more than 5,000 members of the National Guard descended on Washington, D.C., ahead of President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The U.S. Capitol was subsequently surrounded with fencing and razor wire, and crowds of uniformed men and women lounged in the halls of Congress. “The last time there were troops sleeping in the Capitol itself was during the Civil War,” the United States Capitol Historical Society’s Jane L. Campbell told Roll Call. Plans are now underway to make many of the defenses permanent.

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Church Desecration in Europe Under Islam

by Raymond Ibrahim
American Thinker

A few days after Muslim migrants firebombed an 800-year-old Swedish church twice over the course of four days — once on Jan. 20, 2021 and another on Jan. 24 — a Feb 4 report came out saying that 829 “hate crimes” against churches in Sweden have been reported between just 2012-2018, or about 138 attacks on average every year.

Thus, the churches of Sweden join those of other Western European nations that have taken in sizeable Muslim migrants. In France, for example, two churches are vandalized every day. According to a 2019 PI-News report, 1,063 attacks on Christian churches or symbols (crucifixes, icons, statues) were registered in France in 2018. This represents a 17 percent increase compared to the previous year (2017), when 878 attacks were registered — meaning such attacks are only going from bad to worse.

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Will Senator Toomey Engage in Koch-Speak at Today’s Senate Confirmation Hearing?

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

The Senate Banking Committee will convene today to conduct confirmation hearings for President Joe Biden’s nominees to fill two key Wall Street watchdog posts: Gary Gensler to Chair the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Rohit Chopra as Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

As a result of Democrats taking control of the Senate, Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, is the new Chair of the Senate Banking Committee. Curiously, however, the prior Republican Chair of the Senate Banking Committee, the mild-mannered Mike Crapo of Idaho, is not the Ranking Member of the Committee. He has been replaced by a man far more likely to engage in aggressive Koch-speak, Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania. (Toomey was all set to become the new Chair of the Senate Banking Committee but then things went south in Georgia and Democrats picked up two additional seats in the Senate.)

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How Hard Did the Winter Storm Slam the Economies in Texas, Other Areas? This Index, Designed to Track the Pandemic Recovery, Shows How Hard

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Nationally, visits to “places of commerce” remained anemic. Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Nashville, which had been near the top, plunged to the bottom.

The high-frequency index of people visiting “places of commerce,” designed to track the progress of the US consumer economy during the Pandemic, has inadvertently turned into a measure of just how hard Texas and other states in the south-western US were hit by the winter storm in mid-February.

The index by the American Enterprise Institute, relapsed today, counts the number of people, based on cellphone GPS data, visiting “places of commerce,” such as offices, stores, malls, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, airports, hospitals, other places of commerce and other points of interest in the 40 largest metro areas, and compares the number of visitors in the current week (Feb 15 – Feb 21) to the week ended January 15, 2020.

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Bullion Banks Sell Even More Silver: Do They Have It?

by Clint Siegner
Silver Seek

Anyone with a naked short in the silver futures market risks getting squeezed by physical buying. Demand for delivery of COMEX silver bars is rising, even as the paper price of the metal fell more than 4.5% last week.

Silver shorts sold contracts representing a whole lot more silver than they have available to deliver again last week.

The disconnect between paper prices and physical demand is getting more ridiculous by the day.

It is also getting more dangerous for COMEX market participants – long and short. The COMEX functions on confidence, which can vanish suddenly.

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The Economics and Ethics of Government Default, Part II

by Kristoffer Mousten Hansen

The Nature of Government Debt

People holding public debt will list such debt among their assets, alongside other financial assets. The public debt, thus, at first glance looks like it is part of people’s capital invested in productive endeavors, and from the point of view of the individual investor, this is indeed the case. Investors do not necessarily look at what their funds are used for when making an investment. They are focused on the security of their principal and the expected return. However, the economist takes a different view of credit and can distinguish two general kinds of investment: consumer credit and producer credit.

Consumer credit is loans made for purposes of present consumption. Investors transfer saved funds to people who spend them on present consumption. The saved-up capital is thus destroyed or transformed into durable consumer goods such as houses and cars. Producer credit, on the other hand, is lent to entrepreneurs who wish to expand their production.

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Eleven Senate Democrats Push Biden to Include Recurring Checks, Jobless Aid in Next Big Bill

The lawmakers want to phase the benefits out as economic conditions improve, so Americans in need of support do not suddenly lose aid.

by Jacob Pramuk

Eleven Senate Democrats are pushing President Joe Biden to put recurring direct payments and enhanced jobless benefits in the economic recovery plan he will try to pass this year.

In a letter to the president announced Tuesday, the lawmakers said Congress should not cut off additional support to workers while the economy recovers from Covid. Though the senators did not say how large they want the payments to be or how often they want them to come, they said they hope the aid will phase out only as the job market improves.

“This crisis is far from over, and families deserve certainty that they can put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads,” the senators wrote. “Families should not be at the mercy of constantly-shifting legislative timelines and ad hoc solutions.”

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Real Rates, Gold, and the Miners

by Stewart Thomson

  1. The disappointing price action in gold (against the dollar) is mainly related to the perceived rise in real interest rates.
  2. Please click here now. It’s unfortunate that the US government and the Fed use indexes of inflation that the average citizen can’t relate to at all.
  3. For the average person with minimal savings, rising debt, questionable job security (if they have a job at all), and skyrocketing prices of the items they need for daily life…
  4. The 1.4% inflation rate used by the government is a very bad joke.
  5. It’s equally unfortunate that institutional money managers focus on these “out of touch” inflation indexes.

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Biden’s Syria Attack: An Actual Impeachable Offense

by Dr. Ron Paul
Ron Paul Institute

Last Thursday President Biden continued what has sadly become a Washington tradition: bombing Syria. The President ordered a military strike near the Iraqi-Syrian border that killed at least 22 people. The Administration claims it struck an “Iranian-backed” militia in retaliation for recent rocket attacks on US installations in Iraq.

As with Presidents Obama and Trump before him, however, Biden’s justification for the US strike and its targets is not credible. And his claim that the US attack would result in a “de-escalation” in the region is laughable. You cannot bomb your way toward de-escalation.

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Pelosi Denies Trump Claim She Rejected Offer for 10,000 Troops at Capitol on Jan. 6

by Tim Pearce
Daily Wire

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says that claims by former President Donald Trump about offering to station 10,000 National Guard troops outside the Capitol on Jan. 6 are “completely made up.”

The former president appeared on Fox News on Sunday night and backed up earlier statements by Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff. Trump told host Steve Hilton that congressional leaders rebuffed an offer of 10,000 troops to support Capitol police over the optics of having those troops surrounding the U.S. Capitol, according to Fox News.

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Nancy Pelosi Tweet from 2015 Resurfaces with Photo of Her and Cuomo Discussing Sexual Assault

by Henry Rodgers

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had a 2015 tweet resurface Monday night with a photo of her and Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who faces a number of sexual harassment allegations.

In the tweet there is a photo of Pelosi sitting next to Cuomo on a panel where they allegedly discussed sexual assault. Three different women have accused Cuomo of sexual harassment, including two former employees, Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett, who say he harassed them in the workplace.

Cuomo apologized Sunday to anyone who misunderstood his “levity and banter” as “unwanted flirtation.”

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Andrew Cuomo is What Happens When Democrats Know Media Will Shield Them

by John Nolte

Three credible sexual misconduct allegations, some 15,000 dead senior citizens, lies, and cover-ups. Yep, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is what you get when a Democrat knows the media will shield him from anything.

While a hospital ship sat mostly empty a stone’s throw from the Statue of Liberty, Cuomo ordered people infected with the coronavirus be placed in nursing homes.

While two makeshift hospitals sat mostly empty in New York City, one built by the American military the other by Samaritan’s Purse, Cuomo ordered people infected with the coronavirus be placed into nursing homes.

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In Like a Lamb, but Where is March Going? – Precious Metals Projection, March 2021

by Craig Hemke
Sprott Money

A brand new month means a brand new edition of our latest feature here at Sprott Money: the Precious Metals Projection. Host Craig Hemke sits down with Chris Vermeulen of the Technical Traders to break down all the gold and silver charts you need to prepare for the month ahead.

In this edition of the Precious Metals Projection, you’ll hear:

  • Why Chris is short-term bearish on silver
  • Which metal shows a bull flag, despite panic in the streets
  • Plus: Is the bond market oversold?

To view Chris’s full thoughts on the gold and silver charts, watch here:

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Is Mob Justice Now Poetic Justice?

by Jonathan Turley
The Hill

In 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before at Northwestern University Law School to announce President Obama’s “kill list” policy, under which he reserved the right to unilaterally order the death of any American deemed an imminent threat. After all, Holder explained, “the Constitution guarantees due process, not judicial process.” The response was as chilling as the message: The audience of judges, lawyers and law students applauded an attorney general who just told them that any of them could be killed tomorrow on the president’s order.

Some of us denounced the “kill list” policy, which foreshadowed what has become a campaign against due process. In our hair-triggered culture of Twitter attacks and “canceling” opponents, due process is treated as hopelessly arcane and inconvenient. Our political discourse must now be tweet-worthy — less than 280 words — and delivered in a news cycle measured in minutes.

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Fauci Wants More People Vaccinated, and at a Faster Pace

by Mac Slavo

Head medical tyrant pushing the undesirable vaccines on the public, Dr. Anothony Fauci wants more people vaccinated and as quickly as possible before they figure out what’s really going on. In order to jab more people, Fauci says he opposes the delay of the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines.

According to a report by RT, Fauci said that, while delaying second doses of the vaccines could allow health officials to provide more individuals with their first dose, it also presents risks, such as leaving people with less protection, particularly against new variants of the virus. It also defeats the ruling class’s purpose of getting as many slaves injected as possible before they figure out the damage these “vaccines” are capable of.

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The New Journalism is Destroying Us

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Presstitute is a contraction of press prostitute. It is a term that has come into widespread use to describe the media’s service in behalf of the narratives of the corrupt Western ruling Establishment. That the presstitutes serve the material and political interests of their Establishment owners is completely obvious. But the media did not give up its integrity for material interests alone. The media have become acolytes to the religious ideology of “social justice.“

In the Winter 2021 issue of the Manhatten Institute’s City Journal, Martin Gurri explains that the media have abandoned all pretense of objective reporting, because the media, or enough of it, believe that objectivity upholds systemic racism and defeats social justice.

The ideology of systemic racism is institutionalized in the US educational system and in the NY Times “1619 Project.”

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