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Just 4 in 10 Americans Now Say They Would Get the First Coronavirus Vaccine

Seven vaccine candidates in the U.S. are in the clinical-trial phase with human participants.

by Meera Jagannathan
Market Watch

A declining share of Americans say they would receive the first coronavirus vaccine, according to a new survey, and most expect someone else to completely or partially foot the bill.

Just 39% of respondents to the most recent Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index poll say they are likely to get the first-generation COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it’s available, a nine-percentage point drop from a poll conducted Aug. 21 to Aug. 24. Six in 10 in the most recent poll say they’re not likely to take the first vaccine, up from 51% in the August poll.

Meanwhile, 38% of respondents say their health insurance will completely cover the cost, and 11% say the same of the federal government. Another 9% said their health insurance would partially cover the cost and they would pay some out of pocket, and 4% expected to pay completely out of pocket for the vaccine. (Some 21% indicated they wouldn’t get the vaccine, and 16% answered the question with “don’t know.”)

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California Tries to Stem the Unemployment Insurance Chaos: Week 27 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse

by Wolf Richter
Wolf Street

Even Fitch weighs in on the data chaos.

California’s Employment Development Department (EDD), which handles unemployment claims, has been getting hammered for months by reports about its huge backlog of processing unemployment insurance (UI) claims; about people not being able to get through to even start their UI claims; about people being on hold for hours and then giving up; about people who, when they finally got through to someone, weren’t being helped because the newbie at the EDD couldn’t actually help them…. This led to under-reporting of the number of people seeking UI.

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Innocent Until Proven Trump Supporter

by Ann Coulter
Taki’s Magazine

During a BLM “peaceful protest” in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 30 (over George Floyd’s dying of a heart attack while in police custody in Minneapolis), James Scurlock was peacefully protesting by breaking into an architecture firm — hoisting an office chair and hurling it into two computer monitors, then ripping a phone from a desk and throwing it against the wall, as his friend shattered another monitor — all of which was captured on video.

Nearby, Jake Gardner, an Iraq War veteran and Trump supporter, was keeping watch over the two bars he owned, The Hive and The Gatsby, aided by his 68-year-old father and a security guard. The peaceful protesters soon made their way to Jake’s bar, where they hurled a street sign through The Hive’s plate-glass window. He and his father rushed outside to prevent the peaceful protesters from storming his bar.

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All Money is a Matter of Belief

by Dennis Miller
Miller on the Money

Anyone remember when our money was backed by gold? Top of the dollar bill said “Silver certificate”? Today our bills say, “Federal Reserve Note”; called fiat currency. Fiat currency is government IOU’s (political promises). The value of fiat money is based on supply, demand and faith in the issuing government.

Adam Smith said, “All money is a matter of belief.” When the world loses faith, the currency becomes worthless paper.

I’m concerned about Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s recent announcement about targeting inflation:

“Our longer-run goal continues to be an inflation rate of 2 percent. …. However, if inflation runs below 2 percent following economic downturns but never moves above 2 percent even when the economy is strong, then, over time, inflation will average less than 2 percent. …. To prevent this outcome…our new statement indicates that we will seek to achieve inflation that averages 2 percent over time. Therefore, following periods when inflation has been running below 2 percent, appropriate monetary policy will likely aim to achieve inflation moderately above 2 percent for some time.

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Federal Authorities Have Already Documented Two Cases in Which Votes Have Been “Discarded” in Key Swing States

by Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream

The integrity of our elections is of paramount importance, because if our ability to choose our own leaders is compromised that undermines everything that our system of government is based upon. So every American should be hyper-sensitive to any allegation that our votes are being tampered with, because any attack on the voting process is an attack on all of us. This is one issue that should be able to unite Republicans and Democrats, and hopefully people across the political spectrum will report anything suspicious that they notice over the coming weeks. And as I become aware of troubling incidents, I will share them with my readers, because the integrity of our elections is definitely one of my hot button issues.

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The Most Dangerous Investing Decision You Can Make

by Brian Maher
Daily Reckoning

What is the most dangerous investing decision you can presently make?

Your choices are these:

A): Buying and holding through thick, through thin, through peak, through valley

B): Loading up on “FAANG” stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) — plus Microsoft

C): Chasing biotechnology stocks in pursuit of a COVID vaccine jackpot

D): Going “long” the S&P

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Investigation Launched After Absentee Ballots Found Along Road in Swing State, Report Says

by Ryan Saavedra
Daily Wire

The U.S. Postal Service has reportedly launched an investigation after mail—including absentee ballots—were discovered this week along a road in the swing state of Wisconsin.

“According to the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office, three trays of mail were discovered shortly before 8 a.m. Monday in a ditch along State 96 at Outagamie county CB in Greenville,” the Post Crescent reported. “The mail was on its way to the post office and the sheriff’s office turned it over to the postal inspector. The mail was mixed and did contain ‘several’ absentee ballots.”

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Trump Unveils ‘America First’ Health Care Plan – Seeks to Force Insurers to Cover Pre-existing Conditions Even if the Supreme Court Kills Obamacare

by Christian Datoc

President Donald Trump will unveil and sign a series of executive orders Thursday in North Carolina that will make up the body of his “America First” health care plan.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services administration Seema Verna, and Domestic Policy Council Director Brooke Rollins all spoke on the plan during a briefing with reporters ahead of Trump’s scheduled unveiling.

All three claimed that the plan will fulfill three core tenets: lowering costs for patients, presenting them with more care options and increasing the quality of care offered.

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Andrew Napolitano: I Would Have Indicted Breonna Taylor Officers

by Joshua Caplan

Appearing Thursday on the Fox News Channel, network judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said he would have indicted all three Louisville police officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano with a slightly different take on the Breonna Taylor decision than his colleagues:

“I would have indicted all three of them and let them assert their affirmative defenses at the time of trial.” pic.twitter.com/oHOjg2PcOW

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) September 24, 2020

A partial transcript is as follows:

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The Murder of the First Amendment

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

The illegal and unwarranted prosecution of Julian Assange by the US Government in a British court, if court it is and not a Star Chamber, is in fact the prosecution of the First Amendment. It will prevent journalists in the future from informing the public of criminal activity by government. This is already the case in a number of countries, and the US and UK are about to join them. Washington, working through a British judge and a British prosecutor, is murdering the First Amendment and, thereby, accountable government.

The US government’s case for Assange’s extradition to the US that is working its way through a CIA-suborned British court redefines journalists who hold government accountable as spies. In other words, journalists who reveal criminal actions of governments are quilty of espionage. If this were in fact the case, the New York Times would have been prosecuted for publishing the Pentagon Papers.

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What Trump’s Nominee Can Expect from a Media ‘Cancerous with Dishonor’

by Jack Cashill
American Thinker

Two years ago, Mark Judge was nearly crushed when the tumbril carrying high school pal Brett Kavanaugh to his intended execution ran him over. I caught up with Mark this week, and I am happy to report he has recovered from his unhappy stint as Democratic roadkill.

Over the years, I have gotten to meet any number of other truth-tellers crushed by a media that Judge calls “cancerous with dishonor.” I tell many of their stories in my new book, Unmasking Obama. An excellent writer, Mark Judge tells his own story and does so eloquently.

Judge is the first to admit he was a troubled young man. In 1997, as a form of atonement, he wrote an only slightly fictionalized book titled Wasted: Tales of a Gen X Drunk. He could never have guessed that more than twenty years later, Democrats would use the book in a clumsy — but nearly successful — plot to derail Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

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Asked About a Peaceful Transfer of Power, Trump Says ‘We’re Going to Have to See What Happens’

Trump’s garbled response probably wasn’t a sign he’s planning to subvert the election. But it was a failure of presidential competence.

by Peter Suderman

Asked at a press conference yesterday whether he would “commit here today for a peaceful transferal of power after the November election,” President Trump declined to answer in the affirmative.

Instead, he offered a non-committal response before diverting to a secondary pet peeve. “Well, we’re going to have to see what happens,” he said. He then complained about the voting process. “You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster,” he continued, presumably referencing this year’s expected uptick in mail-in voting, which the president has repeatedly criticized.

Once again, the reporter pressed Trump on whether he would “commit to making sure there’s a peaceful transferal of power.”

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Shhh! Don’t Tell the Fed These Wall Street Banks Have Tanked 34 to 48 Percent Year-to-Date. (The Fed Thinks They’re a “Source of Strength”)

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Wall Street on Parade

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s oft repeated mantra this year – that the behemoth Wall Street banks “are a source of strength” in this economic crisis – is melting away faster than a snow cone in July, along with the share prices of these banks. So whom should Americans believe: The composite wisdom of the market or the opinion of a federal regulator whose supervision of these banks has been far from stellar.

The market would seem to have spoken clearly on just how “strong” these banks are. Since the first trading day of the year, January 2, to yesterday’s closing price, here’s the factual reality of just how much common equity capital these banks have bled: Citigroup is down a stunning 48 percent, losing almost half of its common equity capital; Bank of America has lost 35 percent; while JPMorgan Chase, the bank that has perpetually bragged about its “fortress balance sheet,” is down 34 percent year-to-date. And the U.S. is only seven months into what could become a prolonged economic downturn.

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Should We Declare the Gold Bull Run Dead?

by Michael Maharrey
Schiff Gold

Gold had another precipitous drop on Wednesday (Sept. 23), falling through the support level at $1,900 to a 2-month low. That has led some to ask – is the gold bull dead?

The concern is understandable but I think it’s too early to declare last rites. In order to believe the gold bull run is over, you have to believe the Federal Reserve is actually going to tighten monetary policy and the dollar is going to remain strong.

That seems rather unbelievable.

The big drop in gold and silver has primarily been driven by dollar strength. The dollar index hit a two-month high on Wednesday. Investors have moved into the dollar due to concerns about a resurgence in coronavirus in Europe and the possibility of further economic lockdowns.

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Panama is Still an Obvious Escape Hatch

by Simon Black
Sovereign Man

At the turn of the 20th century, the United States had recently become the largest economy in the world… and it was showing.

The US had just vanquished Spain in the Spanish-American War, resulting in a vast new American colonial empire, stretching from the Philippines to Puerto Rico.

And it was just the beginning of American dominance overseas.

A few years later in 1903, JP Morgan (as in, the founder of the mega-bank that bears his name) engineered a coup in Central America that ended up creating a new republic in the region: Panama.

And almost immediately, JP Morgan and his colleagues got to work developing a canal that would run right through Panama.

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Can Governments Really Make the Workplace Safer?

by Lee Friday

During a recent interview, Ontario’s Labour minister Monte McNaughton spoke about the rules that businesses will be expected to follow as the economy reopens, and the consequences for businesses that do not obey the government’s rules:

We want all businesses to create a workplace safety plan that identifies the risks of transmitting the COVID-19 virus in the workplace. We want them to determine what controls are needed to mitigate the risks, for example, installing Plexiglas to separate workers from customers or staggering shifts and breaks…and put those plans in place.

…we’ve also now put out 134 health and safety guidelines, so every business who is reopening has a guideline to follow….During the COVID-19 crisis, our ministry has done more than 11,000 workplace investigations, we’ve issued 6,500 orders to improve health and safety in businesses across the province.

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Junk Bond Jitters May Signal the Start of a Stock Market Capitulation

High-yield weakness often a canary in the coal mine

by Sunny Oh
Market Watch

Investors worried about recent turbulence in stocks may want to keep an eye on the near $1.5 trillion high-yield corporate bond market, to help gauge when a more substantial selloff in Wall Street might begin.

Analysts often view ructions in the high-yield, or “junk-bond,” market as a canary in the coal mine, or an early warning to when investors might start taking flight from riskier assets altogether.

Key drivers of recent jitters have been a brewing fight over the next Supreme Court judge, dimming prospects for another fiscal stimulus package, the potential for a contested Presidential election after Nov. 3 and the persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic — all threatening to crack the foundation of the market’s recent gains.

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Amid the Rout, Morgan Stanley Explains Why There’s No Panic Selling (Yet)

from Zero Hedge

By Morgan Stanley’s Rob Cronin, Ross Montgomery, Mathieu Renault

Post September expiry, clients appear well hedged into year-end and bar US election/covid headline agitation there is no clear SX5E technical that can drive spot in either direction near-term. The net futures short has rebuilt to levels last seen in June, ownership of downside is higher than normal and HF gross/net exposure is concentrated in market segments where drawdowns are low. HF P&L volatility is extremely low and returns are, in aggregate, mid-single digits now (vs. -8% at its worst). Breakouts on the upside, flow wise, have so far been met with stern resistance and the new SX5E composition makes sharp breakouts more difficult. There is some evidence (in cash & options) that the focus is shifting to single names.

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The Big Tech – and Medical – Lie

by Karl Denninger

So those of you who don’t live under a rock know my Twatter account was “restricted” yesterday.

Twitter Support has posted tweets saying first that this was a mass-event and due to an “error”, which may have been tied to a problem Google Services had for a while yesterday. They also posted another tweet and said the problem was corrected. At least the latter is a lie.

Their complaint is not that I said something, so they say. Their automated system said it suspected me of being a robot. Ok, so I went through their 2-phase verification that I’m not — a Captcha, and then a text message to my phone with a code. I completed that and got a “Thanks, Human!” back. But…. still can’t do anything. I can see what people post, but I cannot DM, reply, like, retweet, etc.

I’ve filed a formal protest via email, which of course got a tracking number and…. no change.

So Twitter lies, in short. Jack has repeatedly lied. They’ve lied to Congress. They’ve lied to you. And, I might add, immediately before it happened I posted a one-liner as the Grand Jury report had just issued in Louisville and I (sarcastically) said “Here come the riots!” while eating lunch, from my phone.

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Job Creators Network Created Video Showing How Small Businesses Are Hurt by Riots. It Was Restricted on YouTube.

by Penka Arsova
LaCorte News

YouTube has slapped an “inappropriate” label on a video from a non-profit organization that depicted instances of violent protests.

The 30-second video feature snippets of riots in U.S. cities. It shows buildings in flames, rioters burning and vandalizing police cars, engaging in physical confrontations, throwing objects at stores, among other things. It was created and uploaded on YouTube by the non-profit Job Creators Network, which supports small businesses.

The video is making the case that riots and the unrest on the streets are hurting small businesses.

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