The Godfather of Hollywood on Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy Killings with Gianni Russo

from Kerry Lutz's Financial Survival Network

Our next guest, Gianni Russo, is someone you’re probably familiar with. He started life in the polio ward at Belview hosp in NY. Became a courier for mob boss Frank Costello, had a hot torrid affair with Marilyn Monroe, a close personal friendship with Frank Sinatra, knew the Kennedys and has kept popping in history much like Forest Gump, whenever something major was happening. But you probably know him best as Carlo Rizzi in the Godfather, Gianni is here with us now. Gianni is the author of Hollywood Godfather, a multi-year bestseller. We explore his early beginnings in a New York City polio ward, his association with mob chieftain Frank Costello, his involvement in the JFK assassination, his torrid affair with Marilyn Monroe and her untimely suspicious death. Gianni goes into what happened with the RFK assassination and Sirhan Sirhan’s, brainwashing. And his run in with Narco Terrorist Pablo Escobar and how he managed to escape certain death at his hands. Truly a fascinating life and one that Gianni says he has no regrets about.

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