How to Profit from Legal Uncertainty Plays with Lawyer and Investor Kerry Lutz

from Mining Stock Education

Lawyer and investor Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network explains how he has been able to profit from legal uncertainty plays. He provides examples of his success and offers advice for non-legally trained speculators. Kerry does warn that “not all that glitters is gold” and that you do need to be careful before speculating in a legal uncertainty play. Finally, Kerry encourages investors to look for problems that others don’t perceive and then create a solution thereby creating investment opportunities for yourself. This is what Kerry did during his days as a New York lawyer working with hedge funds. And as a result, he has created over 20+ years of passive income for himself through the deals he initiated and arranged.

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0:00 Introduction
1:10 Kerry’s past success with legal uncertainty plays
8:31 “Not all that glitters is gold”: Be careful
11:47 Advice for non-legally trained speculators
15:12 Look for new opportunities to make money


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