Where’s the Media? Not in Maricopa!

by Karl Denninger

You’d think the media would be all over the fact that Maricopa County is doing a hand audit of the 2020 election results.

After all, we’ve been repeatedly told for months that there was no fraud, all those ballots were voted by actual people and the results are what they are.

Ok, so now we have a group of people who through legislative process as Senators in the State, are doing exactly what ballot retention laws are there to make possible: A full, hand audit — not a machine recount — of the results.

Why a hand audit? Because it’s the only way you can reasonably detect things like alleged mailed-in ballots with no creases in the paper, which is hard, forensic proof they were not mailed back in the required envelope, which cannot accept the ballot unless it is folded, as just one example.

So where is the national media on this? Absent.

There are a few reports from state and local media, such as here, but no widespread national coverage.

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