What Do Mandatory Vaccination and Forced Sterilization Have in Common?

by Carrie Lynn Caoili
American Thinker

What would you say if I told you a distraught woman recently came into my counseling office? She explained that her boss threatened that, if she didn’t have sex with him, she would be fired. He’d already banned her from all firm social activities and said that he’d do what he could to destroy her personal life too. After he was done with her, he said, she wouldn’t be able to leave the house. He would take away everything that meant anything to her.

She was crying because her boss had already shown how powerful he was. Even though sleeping with him was the last thing she wanted to do, she saw it as her only option. She needed the job and she didn’t want her life ruined.

Would you be screaming sexual harassment? You should because this definitely fits the definition of sexual coercion and abuse. What a disgusting situation!!!

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