Rand Paul ‘Pages’ Fauci With CDC Confirmation That Vaccinated and Recovered Cannot Pass On COVID

“Please end the mask theater now”

by Steve Watson
Info Wars

Senator Rand Paul shared video Wednesday of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announcing that new data suggests vaccinated and recovered people do not carry Covid-19.

Paul directed his comments at White House chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci, writing “paging Dr Fauci: please end the mask theater now that cdc admits evidence that the vaccinated do not carry the virus.”

[…] In a further post, Paul also shared a study examining T cell responses in people who have recovered from Covid-19.

“T cell immunity after natural infection shown to include variants,” Paul, who is also a physician, noted.

He again addressed Fauci, asking “Do we still need to wear multiple masks after we’ve recovered or been vaccinated?”

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