Oil Still Undervalued Relative to Gold with Fund Manager Adam Rozencwajg

from Mining Stock Education

Fund manager Adam Rozencwajg appeared on the show six months ago and accurately predicted that oil would outperform gold.  Adam continues to see oil as undervalued relative to gold and has not moved out of oil equities towards a full weighting in gold stocks yet.  In addition to oil and gold, Adam discusses uranium, the green energy bubble, hydrogen fuel cells and soft commodities in this interview.

The Goehring & Rozencwajg Resource Fund was founded by Leigh Goehring, one of the leading authorities in global commodity investing, and long-time partner Adam Rozencwajg. Mr. Goehring and Mr. Rozencwajg originally collaborated at Chilton Investment Company, where they managed upwards of $5 billion in assets within Chilton’s global natural resources strategy. Prior to Chilton, Mr. Goehring served as the manager of the Prudential Jennison family of natural resources funds, managing over $3 billion at their peak. Mr. Rozencwajg previously worked in the Investment Banking department at Lehman Brothers.

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