Lie With Dogs, Wake Up With Fleas

by Karl Denninger

I’ve been pretty nice up until now.

Not any more.

Bluntly, to the FLCCC: Go **** yourselves.

You laid in bed with a bunch of *****s and now you have herpes, syphilis and chlamydia. Your HIV test is pending but since your dick is already rotting off I’m not sure the last test result much matters.

You started by trying to appease, which you did with masks. You know ******n well they don’t work and so does everyone else. The CDC itself told us that if we masked that Covid-19 would be controlled in weeks. That was in September. Then winter came, and, well, they lied and people died.

The only people who believe masks do anything beyond spread disease are the REEEEEEing Karens who can’t manage to find 100 collective IQ points between ten of them. To each and every one of those people I say what I’ve said since this started: If you’re that scared of a respiratory virus stay home. If anyone who you live with isn’t as scared as you are, throw them out. When you starve as a consequence either from lack of food or freeze to death in winter from lack of money to pay the power or gas bill you will have died as a direct consequence of your own stupidity and the world will be a better place.

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