LBMA Acknowledges “Buying Frenzy” in Silver Market and Silver Shortage Fears

by Ronan Manly
Bullion Star

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) has just published a new report titled “Silver Investment 2021: Report” which looks at recent developments in the investment silver sector.

While it’s not clear who actually wrote the report, as no author is specified, the LBMA states that it “acknowledges Metals Focus’ contribution to this report” so we can assume Metals Focus actually wrote it or was heavily involved. Metals Focus is a precious metals consultancy based in London, which also at times, writes the Silver Institute’s annual World Silver Survey.

That the LBMA has decided to publish a specific report on investment silver at this time is notable in itself (as it hasn’t published this type of distinct report in the past), but beyond this, the report itself is worth reviewing for what it says, as much as what it leaves out.

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