How Tennessee Stands Lost the High Ground

by Karl Denninger

They did, you know.

They had proposed and got introduced bills to block any sort of vaccine passport in Tennessee.

But I identified a problem with their strategy while attending a rally in Knoxville this summer related to the mask mandates and business closures, and despite attempting to get through to them that they were going down the wrong road they decided to pursue it anyway.

I know a bit about this, having dealt with it directly in relationship to the Tea Party. Indeed, while I did not “form it” as some have claimed I was one of the people who recommended sending tea bags to Congress, and interestingly enough CNBC’s Rick Santelli seemed to show up with a bunch of them on a trading floor shortly thereafter too.

I spoke at the first of the Tea Party’s tax day events in Niceville, where I resided at the time. I was invited up on the stage to give a speech, and did, and then gave a few more across the State. But within the space of a year what was unmistakable momentum in tackling corruption and government bailouts of the banksters turned into mush, and I abandoned the group.

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