Globalists Are Initiating Their Extinction Protocols with Steve Quayle and Greg Hunter

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Renowned radio host, filmmaker and book author, Steve Quayle, contends the evil elite have long warned about drastically reducing the global population. They even carved it into the infamous Georgia Guide Stones. It says the world should be comprised of only a half billion people, not the 7.9 billion living on the planet today. Quayle says the Covid-19 (CV-19) vaccines are part of the plan to kill off a stunningly large part of humanity. Quayle explains, “The bottom line is we are talking about the depopulation in the United States and the rest of the world in the order of 7.4 billion people. The population on earth right now is around 7.9 billion people. The question for the elite globalists that erected the Georgia Guide Stones is how are all those people going to die? That’s what I believe is happing right now. The globalists are initiating their ‘extinction protocols.’ This is why they would not settle for Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc, vitamin D, Z-Pack and etcetera. (These are medically proven safe and effective ways to treat CV-19.) This did not fit the depopulation agenda. The lies on the narrative of the whole Covid-19 . . . bio weapon, the deaths will be eclipsed by the vaccinations. I don’t use the word vaccination because by the classic definition of vaccination, it does not fit. This is an injection of a DNA altering mutagenic substance using ‘messenger’ RNA. . . . The global depopulation is underway. We have so many events taking place in the purported vaccine. Women who are pregnant, who should not be taking vaccines, are reporting miscarriages. Little children are having obscene reactions, and now it’s come out that it is absolutely sterilizing the children. Sterilization of the planet goes right along with the ‘extinction protocols.’”

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