Business Owner Fights Back Against COVID Masks & “Vaccines”

When will more patriots take a stand?

by Kelen McBreen
Info Wars

A small business in Bastrop, Texas is informing its customers about the dangers of COVID vaccines and the lack of protection provided by masks.

Dr. Ed Travis of Travis Chiropractic Center put up signs telling his customers they don’t have to wear a mask to enter days after Governor Greg Abbott rescinded a state-wide mask mandate in early March.

One sign, handed out by the city of Bastrop, read “Masks Required,” and had a red “No” sign crossed over the image of the mask.

On the mask, Travis wrote, “Dumbo’s Feather! A mind control device!”

This is a reference to the Disney cartoon “Dumbo” in which the elephant believes a magical feather gives him the power to fly, only to later realize he could do it without the feather all along.

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