Texas School District Immediately Echoes Abbott: No More Masks Required

by Hank Berrien
Daily Wire

After Texas GOP governor Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday that the state would no longer require people to wear masks, the Lubbock-Cooper Independent School District announced it was rescinding the district’s mask mandate as of March 10.

The statement from LCISD read:

Lubbock-Cooper ISD has been in compliance with Governor Abbott’s order regarding facial coverings, GA-29. As of Wednesday, March 10, order GA-29 is rescinded, and the State of Texas will no longer require individuals to wear facial coverings. Accordingly, Lubbock-Cooper ISD will no longer require individuals to wear facial coverings. Students and staff members who wish to continue wearing facial coverings are certainly permitted to do so. In following the guidance of Governor Abbott and other state officials, the district will continue to adhere to all mandates as written and will not impose any additional restrictions. The district will continue disease mitigation practices, including frequent hand washing and enhanced cleaning processes. Additional information regarding COVID-19 guidelines will be provided by campus administrators in the coming days.

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