Dem Dummy Says Out Loud the Part About the Future Gun Control Plans They Have

by Thomas Lifson
American Thinker

When you are planning to trick your opponents, it’s best not to tell them in advance how they are going to be gulled into committing to path whose destination they abhor. Maybe it was the congenial environment of NBC News’s Meet the Press, where Chuck Todd would never voluntarily do something that would harm the Democrats, but Senator Chris Murphy (D-NJ) accidentally let us know the strategy the Dems have to slide us down the slippery slope of gun control, even if the filibuster isn’t busted. Via News thud:

“You are going to have to make some reasonable accommodations if you want 10 Republican votes, and I’m already talking to Republicans who are not unwilling to sit down at the table,” Murphy said.

“Our best chance to get something passed is universal background checks. I think the theory of the case is: Once we convince Republicans that the sky doesn’t fall for you politically when you support a reasonable expansion of something like background checks, you can move onto other interventions.”

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