What is Happening Right Now is Quite Stunning, Plus a Look at Gold & Silver

from King World News

What is happening right now is quite stunning, plus a look at gold and silver.

Food Prices The New Crypto?

January 13 (King World News) – Albert Edwards, Former Global Strategist at Société Générale: Are food prices the new crypto? While many risk assets are ‘correcting’ from Bitcoin to copper, Agric commodities are surging higher today. Unless my screen is wrong, both Wheat and Corn is up 5% today! And Soybeans up a more moderate 4%, are continuing their vertical ascent!

The risk in the equities is feeling less like Q4 2018 and more like Oct 1987. Back then I was at BoA IM. After a pause in growth in 1986 the equity market accurately predicted a robust economic rebound. A rising bond yield eventually broke the equity market- quickly and suddenly.

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