Tucker Carlson’s Frightening Summation of What’s Happening in America

by Andrea Widburg
American Thinker

On his Monday Fox News program, Tucker Carlson spelled out what America’s corporate overlords are doing in America. Essentially, they are “de-personing” anyone who dares to question what happened in America on November 3–8 or who even supports Trump. In a world run on computers, they are unplugging everyone who does not toe their party line.

I will not link to the video on YouTube because that site is one of the major tech monopolists silencing all who dissent from their political beliefs. I also can’t embed Fox videos here. However, you can see Tucker’s entire monologue here.

The usually ebullient Tucker is manifestly upset, even angry at what’s happening in America. As we all must now, to protect ourselves, he opens by stating that his show immediately and repeatedly denounced the violence at the Capitol (true) because his show is completely opposed to political violence and supports law and order.

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