Stawk Market Loves Socialism? How?

by Karl Denninger

Watch this again folks

In 2007, on 4/1/2007 to be exact, I wrote the first article in The Market Ticker. It laid out the basic fraud in the mortgage system and why it was going to blow itself to Hell. It did.

The bankers that did it knew damn well they were lying; you can’t sell rotted fish to people for consumption without lying to them and concealing the stench.

How many people went to prison?

How many people went to prison after the 2000 tech crash despite that being abject fraud too?

Why stop doing it if you never get punished? Indeed, what’s the entire point of such a scam? Is it just to make money or is it to destroy all the small businesses that have to play by the rules lest their owners get locked up at the same time?

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