So What Did Nancy Pelosi Promise the Squad?

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

House Speaker has always had significant political muscle. She twisted arms to get the unpopular Obamacare through in March 2010, putting President Obama in her permanent debt and amassed tremendous Democrat prestige. She marshalled her Democrats to get re-elected Speaker in 2018, despite a rebellion of sorts on her far left flank, as well as the reservations aboout her jurassic age.

She seems to have done it again, getting elected Speaker again, this time on a razor thin margin, and actually short of a majority.

According to Fox News:

Pelosi received 216 votes to 209 for Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who again will be the chamber’s minority leader.

Earlier, 427 members announced themselves as present — 220 Democrats and 207 Republicans. Pelosi needed a majority, or 214 votes, to return as speaker, meaning that she could afford to lose just six Democratic votes.

She lost four, meaning she was elected again with just two votes to spare.

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